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Ink-less Stretch Mark Revision Paramedical Certification

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What is “Ink-less stretch mark & Scar camouflage”? Inkless stretch mark removal is a non-invasive skin treatment used to revise stretch marks and scars. Unlike traditional skin camouflage treatments, there are no artificial pigments used. A customizable, high-quality healing serum containing vitamins is used in place of pigments. The treatment is suitable for anyone who is over 18 and is safe enough to use on any area of the body. This makes it an ideal treatment for post-pregnancy/weight gain, stretch marks, as well as surgical scars, and scars from injury. The result is a permanent improvement to skin texture and color. * Ink-less stretch mark removal (ISR) is a niche market. New treatments have less market competition. * ISR works better than any laser or topical product to permanently reduce the appearance of stretch marks. * Pricing per treatment/area starts at $500 and up! * 90% of women experience stretch marks in their life. That’s a lot of potential clients! BONUS RECIPE INCLUDED! ENROLL NOW!

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