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Pretty In Pink Reusbale Thick Sauna Wrap.

The Barbie Girl Wrap is a durable sticky plastic wrap that is used to wrap around your stomach, or arms or legs.

You can use dish soap to wash it, it will not lose its durability.

Our Barbie Girl Wrap locks in the heat creating a fast burn for the body in the area you are using it in. when you sweat your body's internal cooling system is turned on and calories begin to get burned instantly.

DIRECTIONS: Apply our Lipo Oil or One of our Slimming Creams or gels onto your stomach and back thoroughly massage in. Once applied, wrap your pink barbie girl wrap around the waistline. Secure your Barbie Girl Wrap with a waist trainer or faja and begin sweating off inches immediately.


👉 Larger waist sizes larger than 40” - purchase 2 and interlock them by attaching them together, they will stick onto EACH OTHER then wrap it around your waistline like normal. If you only want to use one instead of 2, place the wrap around the front the stomach to cuff and use a waist trainer or faja to hold it in place.

Barbie Girl Wrap

$15.99 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
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