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✔ Helps to naturally fight cellulite, scar apperance, and stretch marks, preventing and diminishing their appearance.

✔ Exfoliates and renews skin cells by deeply penetrating into the skin, removing dead skin cells and loose skin.

✔ Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins to stimulate circulation and encourage cell regeneration, targeting unwanted fat tissues and improving skin firmness.

✔ Deeply moisturizes and hydrates with coconut, jojoba, carrot seed, other natural  oils.

✔ 100% natural and organic ingredients.


How To Use:


First: Dry Brush Area with exfoliating gloves in a circular motion on dry skin. Next, apply the Dry Cellulite Rub to wet hands or body, use the In the shower or bath, gently massage our luxurious body scrub in circular motions on desired areas then rinse well. Avoid broken or freshly shaved skin and use regularly for best results. Lastly, apply our anti-celluilte rub to dry skin.

Cellulite Be Gone Box

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