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Our Junk In The Trunk Oil is made with natural African roots, herbs, oils  and other all natural ingredients, our oil enhances the butt and hips making it bigger while reducing cellulite. Results can be seen as early as 7 days for some!


Pair with our BBL Gummies and Thicc Extreme Cream for faster reustls.


Our Junk In The Trunk butt enlargement Oil and cream is to be used either once in the morning or evening, or both in the morning and the evening After  showering.

Next, get a damp warm towel and press towel on the areas you are massaging oil on to open your pores.

Immediately Apply a generous amount of oil by itself or oil and thicc cream combined into your palms and rub it on both cheeks, massage circly from hips to bum until very well absorbed.


Do follow up with 10-20 low pulse squats without getting back up. The squats are not mandatory. Tingling may occur in butt area. Remember to always stay consistent and patient for your results. Results are permanent!

Junk In The Trunk Oil

$60.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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