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An all natural, hormone free way to restore feminine moisture is by  boosting the level of omegafatty acids in your body. Omega 7 (aka palmitoleic acid and cisvaccenic acid) are key building blocks to healthy epithelial tissue, the same tissue that causes feminine  dryness and makes up your skin and linings of your digestive tract and entire urogenital tract. 


💦 Our specially formulated female enhancement supplements will boost your libido, heighten sexual arousal, alleviate vaginal dryness, and help you achieve a strong, satisfying orgasm every time.


Made with all-natural ingredients that are designed to work with your body, these powerful supplements have multiple benefits, increasing all sexual sensations so you can enjoy greater intimacy and an overall more pleasurable sex life


60 Capsules




Take 2 by mouth,  1 hours prior to sexual engagement

Slip & Slide Wetness Pills

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