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Philly's Premier Skincare &
Non - Surgical Body Sculpting Studio


No Needles.   No Staples.   No Stitches.   No Downtime.


At Contour Body Studio we are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workspace for our staff and clients. Our practice is to protect and prevent the spreading of infections amongst our clients and staff. We have designated staff members who serve as our Pandemic Safety Officers. These individuals ensures we adhere to requirements set for the state of Pennsylvania. 

  • We will continue to follow the Pennsylvania state board of cosmetology rules for safety and sanitation, in addition to the recommendations here.

  • We will continue to follow any guidance from the Pennsylvania state health department.

What we will do to keep you safe:

Practice proper infection control. Cleaning & disinfection. These rules require proper disinfection of every non-porous implement prior to use. In addition, consideration of disinfection of common use surfaces such as reception areas, massage tables, treatment devices etc.

Use of personal protective equipment (e.g., gloves, masks, eyewear)

Hand hygiene. Wash hands with soap and water for 30 seconds prior and post treatment to every client. We also have implemented hand washing breaks for employees.

Social Distancing. We prevent large amount of people in our area at the same time. We service clients by appointment only and have installed shields at our reception desk to separate clients from receptionist.

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